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Comparing BB Guns and Airsoft Guns

November 23rd, 2022

Depending on how old you are, you may be familiar with the old Red Ryder BB guns. If not, you should definitely know about Daisy, which has been around for a long time and is one of the most well known brands of BB guns in existence. But it is important to remember that a BB gun is not the same thing as an airsoft gun. There are many characteristics that separate these two products from each other, and by being familiar with them, you can make an informed decision. This choice is extremely important, as the nature of the product determines the extent to which you can use it.

With a BB gun, you are essentially limited to target practice activities. This includes shooting actual targets, or things like cans and fruit. The power you get from a pellet gun is much greater than that of an airsoft gun, and this power is increased even further by the fact that you use metal BBs with these types of guns. Airsoft guns utilize plastic BBs, and if a human was hit with one, all it would produce is a short stinging sensation. If you get shot with a BB gun, the round might actually lodge itself inside you, which would require a trip to the hospital.

The point of going over this is to accentuate the fact that you cannot use pellet guns in airsoft games. That is why airsoft guns are used for the sport of airsoft; they do not cause permanent damage or even moderate damage, while the consequences of BB guns can be quite severe. Because there is so much more versatility with an airsoft gun, I highly suggest that you go with this product, rather than one that cannot do as much and causes more carnage.